“Thank You John Taylor Gatto” Video SNOWBALL Project

The “Thank You John Taylor Gatto” Video SNOWBALL Project consists of video recording ourselves talking about how John impacted our lives, then uploading it on YouTube.

INVITATION Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtL5xzWQVho

The purpose of the “Thank You John Taylor Gatto” Video SNOWBALL Project is to share our gratitude directly with John for his unprecedented Work by speaking about what his books or lectures have done to assist us in our own, personal educational journeys. Would you like to be a part of the educational avalanche that impacts thousands, perhaps millions?

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The vision of “Thank You John Taylor Gatto” Video SNOWBALL Project is to have dozens, hundreds, and thousands, perhaps millions, of people who share their realizations, gratitude, and emotions which can be attributed to John’s courageous writings, speeches, and interviews. Naturally, the institution of forced schooling has caused millions of us mental, and physical, harm. It’s time to strike back by making our own videos where we tell the TRUTH!!

This will allow us to recognize John for his great contribution to humanity AND to inspire one another as we unite our minds and intentions to set the youth free from the prison of forced schooling. Haven’t we all had enough of this nonsense?

INVITATION Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtL5xzWQVho

My Video SNOWBALL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftN8S5ZV6aU

If, and when, you make a video, please email to: ThankYou@JohnTaylorGatto.com so we can add it to the master playlist.

1) Record and upload a video
2) Email the YouTube URL link to:
3) Enjoy watching the snowball you helped create
Have you ever uploaded a YouTube video before? If no, are you willing to give it a try to help John?

Ideally, the video will be no longer than 20 minutes of you talking to the camera and speaking about:

-what you realized from John’s books and lectures
-why/how it has affected you
-how you will use it in life now and in the future.

A few people are shy and don’t like video, so if this is you, you can voice record yourself sharing your words, and provide the transcript on screen or email it to me with your picture. (No profanity please. ;) )

But since its for a meaningful project my hope is that you will overcome any discomfort so that your story will inspire others.

A sample beginning could (many ways exist) start like this:
“Hello, I’m (Your First Name) from _____(state or country).
I’m making this video because John Taylor Gatto has impacted me and I want to share my story with you today because it might make a difference for somebody watching.
When I was in John’s classroom, and later read his words I realized…….
This has affected me by……
I am now…..
In the future…..
Thank you John/Mr. Gatto.”

Let’s help start a movement where people, including us, are empowered to share the problems of forced schooling which have harmed us and millions others, and how we are self-healing and self-directing our way out of it and into our greatest potential.

Once completed, please upload the video to your YouTube channel and name it:
“(Your First Name) from (Your state or country)- “Thank You John Taylor Gatto”,

Then email me the URL at ThankYou@JohnTaylorGatto.com , which I will add to the master playlist.

INVITATION Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtL5xzWQVho


LIKE it on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ThankYouJohnTaylorGattoSnowball

David J. Rodriguez