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At Last –
An Award–Winning Teacher Pulls Back the Curtain to reveal the actual "Fourth Purpose" for which
was conceived.

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After nine years of research and a half-million dollar investment, The Oxford Village Press and a tax-exempt foundation dedicated to school reform, The Odysseus Group, announce the availability of an exclusive "Author's Pre-publication Edition" of a long-awaited bombshell:

The Underground History
of American Education

A Schoolteacher's Intimate Investigation
Into The Problem Of Modern Schooling


When have you seen notices like these for AN EDUCATION BOOK?

"A work of breathtaking scholarship and encyclopedic scope."
-Adam Robinson, Co-founder, The Princeton Review,
author, What Smart Students Should Know

"Gatto's voice is strong and unique. I loved this book!"
-Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

"Gatto is a singular antidote to stale convention."
-David Guterson, Snow Falling On Cedars

"I give this book a standing ovation!"
-Christiane Northrup, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"Brilliant Work!"
-Laissez Faire Books

"Your Ideas Are Splendid!"
-Christopher Lasch

Read the book and see for yourself.

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