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The Odysseus Group takes its name and mission from the Greek hero who spent ten years fighting his way home, spurning wealth, fame, and the promise of immortality to reclaim his family. The Odysseus Group stands apart from party politics. We aim to revive public discussion of education and give decision making back to the people. We hope to revitalize grassroots democracy by presenting a lively menu of successful working alternatives to government factory schools—some public, some private, some parochial, and some personal. We intend to work toward legislative reforms that return school tax money to citizens' hands, where it can be spent to restore meaning to school choice by enlarging the range of available alternatives. We do not ask for an end to government schools, only that they be forced to compete. Free market choice will improve government schools, too.

We need your help. We need working partners, donors, advisors, correspondents, and volunteers. If you can help, let us know. Odysseus finally made it home, and so can we all if we are prepared to fight for it. The Odysseus Group was created in 1991 by John Taylor Gatto and Roland Legiardi-Laura as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization with the mission of promoting debate and discussion on the subject of education.

To this end the projects we are currently supporting are:

The writings of John Taylor Gatto, including his lectures, books, essays, workshops, and speeches.

The Fourth Purpose A Documentary Film

The Odysseus Group Retreat Center and Education Library located in Chenango County, New York.

Our logo, a woodcut of Odysseus and his men sailing the Aegean, is meant to underline the core theme of our work.

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