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Welcome to the Odysseus Group Discussion Forum!

We've created this forum to encourage and support lively debate about education. We invite you to post your comments, questions, and ideas, and to engage in open, unfettered dialogue and group discussion. We want regular folks, especially students and young people, to participate in what we see as a process of mutual discovery about the meaning and importance of education in our lives.

The world is awash in the opinions of "gurus" and "experts," who never lack for air time. Here, you can make your voice heard. Share your own experiences, both good and bad, in traditional schools--public or private--and in unconventional learning environments. Tell us about the ways in which you've learned or taught, from the "tried and true" to the innovative and improvisational. Feel free to bear witness regarding your own experiences of compulsory schooling. We are making a documentary about education and we will read your stories with care as they will no doubt have an impact upon our film.

If you have questions for us that are of general interest to all readers, please post them. For questions requiring individual response, write to us at We'll do our best to respond to every letter, but be patient. This discussion forum has been created for you, so feel free to use it often to share your ideas, insights, and experiences from which we all can learn. Please note that we will remove postings if they: a) are not germane to the subject of education, b) are advertisements or sales pitches, c) contain profanity, obscenity, or comments that are insulting to readers.

Thank you.

John Taylor Gatto
Roland Legiardi-Laura

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